As a member of the digital team specializing in CRM email design I redesigned the header and footer for all of the company’s promotional emails. I designed the new header and footer modules to be responsive, with a collapsable nav and hamburger menu on mobile. I created the footer to have optional sections to promote the app, SMS promotions, social media, with a section for legal copy at the end.
Email Modules
I proposed, planned and designed a 24 module system to address the redesign of over 60 different triggered promotional emails. This served as a beta test for transitioning our team to a more automated, collaborative, and efficient way of generating promotional emails that would open the door to capabilities like dynamic content, and more mobile friendly messaging
Puppy Trigger Emails
Design for an email campaign that was triggered by a customers adoption of a puppy. The campaign followed the puppy’s growth and delivered content and promotions relative to the pet parent’s journey that first year of puppy parenting. I designed the emails to fit in the puppy brand guidelines and carry a complimentary look within the PetSmart brand.
PetSmart Online Pharmacy Branding
I was lead designer for the digital efforts for the launch of the new online pharmacy. I explored several different concepts and icon designs.
Pet Praising Social Media Campaign
Art Direction and Photography

Objective: Inspire social engagement from our customers.
We wanted people to participate by praising their pets and with #fortheloveofpets to promote the ‘buy a bag give a meal’ initiative. The images we created to kick the campaign off needed to feel like they could be consumer generated, so we shot on mobile phones. I worked with copy writers to create several clever pet praises.
I involved several members of the team, each got a hand cut sign and copy. Signs were then paired up with pets and I directed the photography and photographed some of the pets myself.
Photography Direction
Back to School Photography Direction
I was on set to direct photography for some ‘Back to School’ themed images that were to be used across all advertising channels.
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