Brain Beats is a 4 album compilation of instrumental songs intended for teachers to play in their classrooms. 

I designed a set of 4 album covers to accompany the digital downloads. The intent here was to blend imagery representing sound or music and education.
I photographed 3 different concepts.
Number 2 pencils are a direct reminder of education. This option puts pencils into the context of drum sticks.
I shot a drum stick with a pencil on a drum to show a more literal application. I chose a pencil color closer to that of the drum stick.
I photographed pencils arranged to represent a graphic equalizer, with the erasers representing the red lights at the top of the board. This one is a departure from the instrument relation. I tested two types of pencils.
The more literal direction was the clear choice, so I reshot. This time I went with the classic yellow number 2 pencils to mimic worn in drum sticks.
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