YoYoFactory Package Set - Branding & Packaging

Packaging Layout & Design for the YoYoFactory product line.

The company was working towards an update to it's identity. I had developed a word mark and a new identity system to accompany the company's existing primary logo, and this packaging line needed to incorporate that.
Package is three pieces. Outer piece the models's brand insert, and an inner structure which holds product in the center of the display window and has a spare parts cavity.
One of the objectives with this project was to create a box that would be used as one package for several models of several different sizes and shapes. Individual products would be accompanied by an insert with its individual brand on it (a standard sized, 3.5x2 inch business card folded in half). The package could work both esthetically and functionally without this if necessary.
Packaging for accessories
Style applied to box and sleeve package

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